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Thanks for reading this. I am here to share my passion for construction boots and to assist you in way related. My name is John and I was born and I grew up on a farm in Texas. Beside farming obligations and jobs, my family has always worked in the construction business.

Over the years, I began working in the same business as well. Actually, I have been a construction worker since age 20. Obviously, I began working simpler and smaller jobs and built by way up. After a few years, I became a professional construction worker. Places, where my skills were needed, include some of the most prestigious places on Earth. Dubai, Japan, Egypt and the United States are just a few countries where I worked.

Regardless of the country, weather conditions and construction business itself, my team and I realized that our safety is the most important thing in the whole world! Construction is a tough and complicated industry. In a matter of seconds, you can severely injure yourself and become unable to work. What then?

During my working years, I watched people broke their ankles, stab their feet and much, much worse things! Each time something bad happened, I developed a small feeling that I need to do something about it.

It took me years and plenty of patience to develop the site you are on right now. My desire and my ultimate goal is to provide you with the essential tips and guidelines in order to make your construction job safer and to complicatedly eliminate injuries.

Construction boots are not desirable, they are essential

I mentioned that most of the team members had an injury of some kind. Usually, it was associated with their feet, due to inadequate footwear. The thing is, none of the conventional shoes and boots are optimized or developed for this application. They cannot withstand the hours and days, workers must invest in a project. Luckily, the solution does exist and it is actually very simple to obtain one.

Construction boots are made, tested and perfected precisely for your needs in this type of industry. You won’t have any issues nor injuries as long as you wear them. Sadly, not all of them offer the same level of protection. Some are better and some are just made to look like professional models. On the site, I will use and recommend you only models that are made to be actual construction boots, made to last and to withstand all you can throw at them.

I must add that there are many of people who believe that these boots are extremely expensive and for them usually impossible to afford. There are two mistakes in this belief. The first one is that you can find affordable construction boots which will offer you a great level of protection. Second thing, if you injure yourself, you won’t be able to work and you will expect a long recovery time. In the best case scenario, you will need 2 months to recover. But, construction boots can prevent all of that. Hopefully, now you understand how wrong you were and that boots of this kind are an investment not an ordinary purchase!

What you can expect from me

Here, I will offer you a few things more, besides simple recommendations. The bottom line is that I will make sure you get the ultimate protection and mandatory facts experienced and beginners must know.

I will:

  • Make sure you get only the latest and the most accurate tips and advice regarding the business.
  • Use my personal experience and the knowledge of my colleagues to support each claim and advice.
  • Offer you constant updates on the matter and the industry.
  • Be as realistic as possible. I won’t be biased ever!

I will not:

  • Advise you something so I make a profit.
  • Recommend inadequate products which are expensive but useless.
  • Give you advice and tips which can do you any harm.
  • Waste your time on unimportant facts.

As I already mentioned, my goal is to ensure your protection, not to waste your time. With the experience of 41 years, I am professional in this business and I always make consultations before I tell you to do something.

Choose a suitable construction boot with my help

Getting the first construction boots you see is never a wise decision. Each model is suitable for just one type of people, or let’s say feet. Choosing them may be a tricky business, but fear not, I will reveal a few secrets on how to make this process as simple as possible.

Different boots are made for different usages and purposes, you should know that. Once again, I will advise you accordingly and make sure you don’t make any type of mistake.

Now, go out there, get yourself a nice pair of construction boots and go to work without having to worry about your feet and your health.



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